Delivery of kittens to another cities and countries

Do you like one of our kittens? And we have one big BUT! You live so far from the city we live in. There is a question:

So what now? How could we handle the situation?

travelling, cats

We suggest several ways.

You come for your kitten on your own. We meet you, come along with you to the cattery where you could personally be introduced to our kittens. We support you by helping to book a hotel room in Kryvyi Rih where you get rest from an exhausted travel and seeing you off with your new family member provided you with necessary documents. This way of purchasing is preferred. We are glad to be familiar with our customers personally!

But, what do you have to do if you do not have such opportunity to visit us?

In this case, we have to be sure that the way of delivering our kitten is the best one and agreed with you in advance.

Air flight. This way of delivering suits very well if you are situated more than 1500 kilometres from us. A kitten has accomplished the flight only within a cabin of an aircraft that goes off in Kyiv, Odesa and Moscow. We deliver a kitten and give them to a courier by ourselves. A price is composed of: our delivery to an aircraft, courier service.

Railways. This way is commonly used. If there is a direct train between our cities, we approach trusted conductors or ask our good friends/acquaintances who are going to visit your city to take a kitten with them. Delivering a kitten to Kyiv, Moscow by ourselves and then to your city by train by a courier is an option as well. A price varies and depends on a price of courier service.

We deliver a kitten by ourselves. It will not be a problem for us to deliver a kitten, if you are so far from us. A price is composed of prices of tickets.

A customer pays for any kind of the delivery of kittens that is conducted having received a whole payment in advance. You can make a payment using a lot of mediums: credit card transfers, electronic ones, Western Union and others.

Before sending a kitten is going to visit the state vet’s and only after having confirmation of being in good health, the F-1 reference is given. Please, provide us with vet’s requirements in written form in advance!

Costs of microchip implant, tests of having antibodies to rabies and other infectious and hereditary illnesses, and also special container for the delivery are paid separately by a customer!

You will get a kitten as well as a bunch of documents that prove their breed (metrics or pedigree, vet’s passport with jabs and a dehelmintization sign).

When a kitten is going to be gone off for a long travel, we supply them with necessary amount of food and water, tray, bowls and disposable nappies.

We guarantee that a kitten you have chosen will be delivered and their breed and colour are the same that are in photos.

It is crucial for us to deliver a healthy kitten to a new house.

During a delivery of a kitten we will keep you informed.

But it is not the end of our interaction, any time you may (should) have a consultation on growing up.