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Я и Алиса на выставке

I am an owner and CEO of the cattery that covers professional breeding of Scottish fold and straight breeds. The primary aim of our cattery is to deal with diverse colours and blue eyes. In addition, we are planning to tackle other colours such as silver and golden shaded with emerald green eyes. We strive to get genetic healthy and strong litters by improving the best values of out cats and correcting issues.

– Olena Barash

Elaci Soul logo, logo, small is officially registered at World Cat Federation in Essen (Germany).

The cattery is the small one that works with one particular breed and where all cats are equal members of our family. The living condition is very comfortable for the pets; they are always surrounded with attention and care, eat according to the rules, have injections on time. Our kittens are well-mannered, sensitive, playful, perfectly get on with other pets, and also are on friendly terms with children. We pay special attention to the future destiny of them. The veterinary consultation, subsequent help with growing up and maintaining our kittens are guaranteed to you as well.

Graduates of our cattery make their owners happy in different cities of Ukraine and other countries. You always have a chance to buy a Scottish kitten whose little heart will bring lots of exaltation to your life with it and he or she will become a truth friend of your whole family for many years.

We hope you will enjoy our pets and find yours!